Run, Carry Injured Opponent, Run Some More

In the sport of cross-country, it is a battle of endurance. The one with the most stamina and the strongest lungs will prevail. I am not a runner. It actually makes me miserable when I am even trying to go 10 feet let alone a mile. Put me on a bike instead and I can ride all day. I respect those warriors who go out there every day like my husband and can achieve that so-called runner’s high.

That’s why when I saw the article about high school cross-country runner Josh Ripley, I had to post an entry about him. Apparently, during his meet, he rescued an injured runner from another team ½ mile into his race and carried him back to the start so his coaches could tend to him. Josh and apparently some of the other runners heard a loud scream which came from the voice of Mark Paulauskas, a runner from the other team. The other runners kept on trucking, but holy Ripley’s Believe it or Not (sorry) it was Josh Ripley who came to the rescue.

Mark’s ankle was completely bloodied up and it was later discovered that he accidentally caught the spikes of another runner. He ended up needing 20 stitches and a walking boot to keep the wound closed and secure.

After Josh dropped off his opponent, he did not skip a beat. Instead he turned right back around and ran and finished his two-mile race. Josh really didn’t think he did anything out of the ordinary. However, he will be honored at a school board meeting being held next week. Those who covered the story as well as others call it a true act of sportsmanship. I call it a true act of being a compassionate person who looked out for somebody in his hour of need.

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