Apple – Are They Bad to the Core???

This is a true experience that I have had with my lovely iPhone. It is ready for the landfill after only owning it for about a year and a half. I wrote the following to Apple, but I am VERY disgusted that they are not giving me any real options for my iPhone so I thought I would post this on my blog so that the word might get out about how they don’t care about customer loyalty.

I purchased my iPhone 3GS 32 GB in August of 2009. Since mid-February I have had MANY problems with the iPhone shutting down for no good reason. If I try to power it up, it will give me the near-dead batter signal. This is true even when the iPhone had been fully charged prior to using. The phone is also becoming too hot to the touch. I finally took it to the Genius bar this past Friday where they told me it is dying a slow death and that my only option to even attempt to fix it would be to pay $200. Otherwise I could wait a month when I am eligible for an upgrade and pay another $200-$300 for a new iPhone. I recognize that my iPhone is 217 days out of warranty. However, I find the way I am being treated as a loyal Apple customer to be completely unacceptable. Over the past 11 months we have purchased two iPod Touches, one top of the line iMac, and one Macbook Pro. We are even looking at purchasing another Macbook Pro for our house. However, I really and truly feel that Apple is NOT standing behind its product. The customer service person I just talked to gave me the comparison about Sony or any other company basically saying tough luck, that if it is out of warranty, it’s the consumer’s problem. I find this kind of attitude to be very poor and it will certainly erode consumer confidence in your brand in the long run. I don’t think all companies have that attitude. If they did, they would be out of business. I am absolutely disgusted that my iPhone after only owning it for such a short period of time is ready for the landfill. Shame on Apple for providing me with a lemon and for also providing no real solution to my problem!!

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