Our Christmas Letter

All of this is true. Really. Can you imagine that somebody would actually think that a zeppole is a person?????

Last year, our letter ended with our family not having any idea which state or country we would be living in knowing that Mike’s job was ending effective this past June. Luckily, after several interviews and flights, Mike ultimately landed a job in CT.  Mike’s job began in July of this year and in August we left Louisville, our home of six years to move to our new house in Longmeadow, MA. While en route to our new home, we had to spend three glorious days and two nights in a corporate apartment in Downtown Hartford. Because of everything going on with the move, that was our family vacation for the year. We will be paying dearly for that one as we will be forced to go to the dark side and visit Disney World, the so-called happiest place on Earth.

Anyway, it looks like we got back in the nick of time, because otherwise we would have had to worry about people touching our junk when going through airport security. Somebody said to just walk through the line in a string bikini. That’ll teach ‘em. We do miss some aspects of being in Louisville, but it is very nice to live in a place where people know that Luccese is not pronounced Lou Casey and that a Zeppole is actually a special Italian pastry for St. Joseph’s Day and not a person. However, one of the nicest parts about living here in Longmeadow is that we don’t have to endure a 50 minute roundtrip car ride so that the kids can get a decent education. We live less than one mile from their new school called Blueberry Hill (Yes, that’s really its name.) and they either walk or ride their bikes back and forth to school.  Now that it’s getting colder, I had to put my chauffeur’s hat back on and do the drive. But at least it only takes about five minutes. However, Mike is always quick to remind the kids that he endured walking miles to school in blizzard like conditions with only a newspaper tucked into his shirt to block the freezing cold wind. Whatever.

The neighborhood here is pretty cool and welcoming to newcomers. There are so many kids who are always playing outside, and the neighbors actually talk to you. They also make a big deal about Halloween here where you end up having to get 10 bags of candy because there are so many kids. Our kids ended up splitting off with their buddies and parents to trick-or-treat, and I was going to walk with Katharine and her group. I lost track of them somehow and there were so many people that I never caught up with them. Mike and the hapless mom that ended up schlepping Katharine around didn’t think I was trying very hard because they found out that I stopped at a neighbor’s house for a drink and stayed for over an hour. Oh, well. The neighborhood also has a very interesting book club, and last month the author of one of the books we reviewed called in and talked to us for 45 minutes! It was terrific! Spumoni has also adjusted here and has made new friends with Ruby and Lucy.  She also loves the park near our house where Mike lets her roam free and she always takes off. Will he ever learn? Mike, that is.

Aside from settling into a new neighborhood and finding a new school for the kids, we had to find a new swim team and a new piano teacher. For swimming, instead of swimming for the Tritons of Louisville, Andrew and Katharine are swimming for the Typhoons of Longmeadow and they are having a blast. I really didn’t know that we got Typhoons here. Hmm. Anyway, as far as piano goes, their new teacher is excellent, but pretty strict. Yeva’s from Russia and she doesn’t understand why a Friday night lesson that gets out at 7:30 is NOT an okay thing. She also makes the kids memorize their recital pieces or they can’t perform. Andrew told her that we were Jewish so that he could get out of playing in the Christmas recital. It didn’t work and they are both getting ready for the big day.

Meanwhile, now that we are finally settled in here and Hannah Montana is coming to an end, we hope to catch up with our New England pals and holiday activities such as putting together the gingerbread houses that we bought three years ago. We don’t think Spumoni will try to eat them. But then again, she has a rap sheet a mile long which includes cinnamon buns and entire cakes so we better watch out.

Now, remember everybody once you finish reading this precious document take special care to shred it in its entirety. We do not want to find it on WikiLeaks!

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Wow that was odd. I just wrote an extremely long comment but
    after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr…
    well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyway, just wanted to say wonderful

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