Saying No or Caving In

This is a test blog but to make it more interesting, it is a story of an actual event that took place last night. My kids brought home a puppy from camp for the night. The deal is that you take home the puppy and they hope you make the puppy a permanent fixture in your home. My kids, especially my son fell in love with the dog. We already have a dog. We have a beautiful, loving, Wheaten Terrier. Our dog did get along with this puppy. At First. The whole family fell in love with the dog. Our son begged us and begged us, trying to sell us on the virtues of owning another pet. I kept looking at my husband trying to send a silent signal that I was caving. He looked back at me and he was caving too. I wanted to cave and say yes. But then, the puppy growled too much. She was eating her bone and I touched her (we can do that with our dog all the time), and she jumped up and bit me. She broke the skin and drew blood. I ended up having to get a tetanus shot this morning just to be sure. The bite killed the deal. There would be no puppy being added to this household at this time. As my husband said, there are just so many dogs that if there is one little thing you don’t like then it isn’t worth it. Will this dog grow up to be a biter? Was it just being territorial because she had never had her own bone? Did she like our dog, or did she want to hurt her? We won’t know any of those answers because we are not getting that dog. There are many others who need a home. There are so many that it is worth taking the time to make sure that you get the right one and that the process doesn’t end up biting you in the you know where.

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